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Via website: 

By submitting a form via the Contact Us page at

Via email: 

In this case, please prefix the following codes in your email subject to help us process your requests faster

(a) DB:     for data import requests

(b) FEATURE REQUEST:     to request new features in MechanicDesk

(c) DEMO:    if you are considering MechanicDesk for your business and would like to have a more in-depth view of the programme

(d) BUG:     to report any errors that you have found in MechanicDesk

(e) PARTNER:    if you are interested in our partnership programme and would like some more information

(f) QA:     for general support queries

Via phone:

Our support lines are 1300 737 100 (AU) and 0800 110 259 (NZ)