When a bill hasn't synched with an integration:

(1) An error will occur stating that "a validation exception occurred the account is not an inventory asset account"

(2) When this happens, check the respective  bill and each individual line item:

(3) Check Item info of each line item and full details as seen below:

(4) You can then check to see If the Inventory Asset Account is set to purchase account. If so this is Incorrect and will need to be changed to an inventory account, if they want to enable inventory tracking.

Only set inventory asset account if you enable tracking for this item in your accounting software(E.g Xero or MYOB)

Setup tracking inventory is NOT recommended as it requires some manual setup.

Some customers will chose to enable this provided the Inventory asset account is set to and inventory type account, it should function.

Contact Vinh Or Dan, if the customer wants the Inventory asset account section wiped for all products