When you open a job, you will find the job's check sheet section on the left and the Invoice section on the right. 

The check sheet helps you keep track of what needs to be done for the job and the invoice contains information on what the customer will be charged for the job. If an invoice is not auto-generated, click on Create invoice on the right hand side to generate a blank invoice. Also, please refer to this section for more details. Here we drill into the invoice side of the job.


The Tax Invoice page is more detailed and also allows you edit each information on the page. Just hover your mouse on the item, and it will allow you to edit it. You may Print or Email the invoice to your customer.

When you click on the Pay button, it will give you a window where you can enter the amount paid by customer as well as the mode of payment.

The Unpaid Invoices tab shows you all the existing invoices that were not paid or partially paid by the customer. The Download button allows you to save a copy of the list in an excel file.

Now lets go to the final step and finish the job! Please click here.