Error Syncing BillPayment #DEC2018:  - : 
  "Errors": [
      "Name": "SupplierMismatch",
      "Message": "Supplier on payment must match supplier on Bill",
      "AdditionalDetails": "Lines[11].Purchase.UID",
      "ErrorCode": 20008,
      "Severity": "Error",
      "LearnMore": null
  "Information": "Warning, error messages have not been finalised in this release and may change"

This is another issue where the supplier in MD and the supplier in MYOB for a particular bill does not matched.

for example a bill is from supplier A in MD however it has been change to supplier B in MYOB

when we apply a bill payment to the bill in MD and sync to MYOB, MYOB rejects the payment since payment to supplier A cannot apply to bill from supplier B. we will need to open both bill from MD and MYOB and adjust the supplier to make sure they're from the same supplier and fix the bill payment as well if needed. then resync